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XMOUNTAINRock climbing

Rock climbing routes in the Dolomites

The Dolomites offer climbers a world of pointed pinnacles, towering spires and immense walls. With their folds of rock set between dihedrals and chimneys, the Dolomites have long been the cradle of mountaineering. Since the 1800s, some of the world’s finest alpinists have tested their limits exploring these walls  – trying to figure out which route would lead them to victory, as if these towers were castles to conquer... did the key to victory lie secretly in that dihedral? Or maybe in that chimney?

Climbing a route on a Dolomite rock face perhaps embodies the very essence of alpinism. Together we’ll climb multi-pitches of varying lengths. On easier routes, you’ll be able to take advantage of weaknesses along the wall to progress. As the difficulty level increases,  we’ll venture out onto steeper, more vertical walls, walking in the footsteps of the great climbers of the past and grappling with the same holds they contended with. You’ll learn rope-work techniques to let you move along the wall quickly yet safely.  

Searching out a route, discovering holds metre after metre, advancing in a party progression  these are all experiences that are difficult to describe... you’ll just have to try them for yourself ! The Dolomites are the realm of roman numerals… and so we’ve decided to keep with this ancient system to outline our suggested itinerary options. So choose your Dimension and come and experience the Dolomites with us!


Climbing Dimension III

Wide climbing routes in the Dolomites


Climbing dimension IV

Climbing in the Dolomites on fourth grade routes


Climbing dimension V

Climbing in the Dolomites on fifth grade routes


Dolomites dimension VI

Ascensions and sixth grade routes


Dolomites dimension VII

Ascensions and routes of seventh degree and above