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The Mountain Guide

The Mountain Guide - Mountaineering Instructor is the internationally recognized professional figure able to guarantee a correct approach to the mountain environment, thanks to his technical and didactic skills and knowledge.

The role of the Mountain Guide is on the one hand to accompany and make known the mountain in its many aspects and on the other hand to teach the techniques of mountaineering, ski mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, canyon descents, walking and moving over rough terrain both summer and winter.

The Mountain Guide operates in all activities related to mountaineering, so it is present in every season on the mountain territory. The experience and familiarity with the alpine environment that this entails represent the great value that the Mountain Guide is able to transmit, beyond the technical aspects, equally important.

The training process is long and complex: a hundred days in the first two years, followed by two years of aspiring and another 20 days of examination. All the details can be found on the website of the Veneto College of Alpine Guides.