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XMOUNTAINRock climbing routes in the Dolomites

Climbing dimension IV

Ascents in the Dolomites up to IV

Climbing in the Dolomites on fourth grade routes

Level: Base

Participants: 1 - 2

Period: Giugno/Settembre

Days: da 1 a 3 giornate


Cost: from € 145,00

1 from € 290,00
2 from € 145,00
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General information

Many consider this to be the optimum grade as it pretty much embodies the history of Dolomite climbing. Though the routes may seem frighteningly vertical when viewed from the valley floor, the closer you get, the more weak points you’ll discover to take advantage of: dihedrals, chimneys, labyrinths and then all of a sudden, before you know it, you’ll have reached the summit!

General Program

The Sella Towers (I Torre del Sella) – Steger Route IV+. An  spur route. Spectacular! 

The Sella Towers (I Torre del Sella) – The Pillars Route IV+ . An enjoyable and exceptionally varied climb along slabs, dihedrals, chimneys …. Including a “surprise” section to reach the summit! 

Five Fingers (Cinque Dita), Sassolungo – The Thumb Spur IV+. Excellent rock with an exposed spur and razor-sharp summit! 

Delago Tower (Torre Delago), Catinaccio – Piaz Spur IV+. Spur route with a famous exposed edge. One of the Dolomites’ most beautiful peaks. 

The Small Peak (Cima Piccola) Lavaredo – normal IV+ . A fun, pleasant climb! 

The Small Tower (Torre Piccola) Falzarego – Comici Route IV+ . A spectacular, aesthetic spur on excellent rock. 

Sass de Stria, Falzarego – South Spur IV+. A route on a strikingly panoramic peak, along The Great War Trail. 

Point of Desperation (Punta della Disperazione), Pale di San Martino –The DRY Timillero Route IV. Don’t be put off by the name - this is an excellent route for beginners on the incomparable rock of  Pale di San Martino. 

Dente del Rifugio, Pale di San Martino – Spur IV. This route lies just above the Treviso refuge. Fantastic rock in a remote setting - the stunning Canali Valley. 

Jolanda Tower (Torre Jolanda) Moiazza – the Mouse Route IV+. A charming name for an ideal route for beginners…

Sass Pordoi – Maria Route IV+. A sunny route that leads straight onto the terrace of the Pordoi refuge. 

Stabeler Tower (Torre Stabeler) Catinaccio –Fehrman Route IV+ . A great dihedrals route.0

Ciavazes – Rossi Tommasi Route IV+. One of the wall’s classic routes. The dihedral half way up and the famous traverse along the wall are terrific fun. A great instructive route. 

Punta Emma, Catinaccio – Fedele Route IV+. Scenic ascent on superb rock. 

Winkler Tower (Torre Winkler) Catinaccio  Winkler Riss Route IV+. A route from the renowned  pass… the first IV+ ever opened in the Dolomites! 

III Torre del Sella – Jahn Route IV. An easy and fun climb with an adventurous approach and descent 

Catinaccio – South Crest IV. Great route with magical views of Bolzano, Latemar and the Fassa Valley. An extremely satisfying climb! 

Piccola Fermeda – South East Spur IV+. Fantastic route in a stunning and quiet setting with very few other climbers… 

Spallone del Sassolungo – Rampa Route IV. A masterpiece of a route opened in the early 1900’s, with a very interesting history behind it. Exceptionally exposed final crest 

Punta Grohman, Sassolungo – Dimai Route IV. Route dating back to the beginning of the 1900’s when the art of finding the simple in the difficult still existed. Long descent

Sass Pordoi – Dibona Route (complete) III, IV+. A tour de force that cuts through the entire 900 metres of the West Face of Sass Pordoi. Chance to walk out onto the Great Ledge

Cima Grande, Lavaredo – Dibona Route IV+. A  deliciously fun route with exceptionally picturesque views of the North Face

Campanil Basso, Brenta – normal IV+. One of the hardest normal routes on the most famous bell-tower in all the Dolomites

Torre d’Ambiez, Brenta – Armani Dihedral IV+. Route along a perfect dihedral in the wilds of the Ambiez Valley

Information on prices and dates

Discounts will be applied in case of purchase of 2 or more climbs in the Dolomites. For further information please contact the XMountain secretariat on 348 1463700.

The cost does not include: in/out airport transfers, tansfers or excursions on trains, lifts, buses, taxis, extra charges due to changes in itinerary, insurances, trip cancellation coverage, aything not mentioned in cost include.