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Giovanni Zaccaria

I was born in Padua in 1989, I live in the Dolomites and I spend most of my free time into the mountains and travelling aroung the world. In 2014 I got the Master in Chemical Engineering. While I was studing in Padua, Lisbon and Zurich, I realized that mountains fit to me more than laboratories. As well I preferred clouds getting pinkish at sunset to neon lights.
Now I work as a professional mountain guide all year long on rocks, snow and ice. I'm also technician of the Mountain Rescue team.
I love to be one thing with nature, to bivouac on a small ledge halfway a big wall, to watch a deer running under a snowfall, to melt snow and cook dinner outside my tent in a glacier, and to light a fire under the bright stars of a desert night. I love guiding my clients in the mountains and helping them to feel the same emotions, to enjoy beautiful landscapes, to learn safety techniques and, why not, to taste tipical food and wine of the Dolomites region!  

  • Winter Dolomites

    Civetta – Zuita Patavina (new mixed route)
    Torre Innerkofler – Caddymania (new mixed route)
    Campanile S. Marco – Per Aspera ad Astra (new mixed route)
    Mur de Pisciadù – Hruschka (mixed route, first repetition)
    Crozzon di Brenta – Lisa dagli occhi blu (in a day)
    Antelao – Canale Oppel (first ski descent with 3 rappels down)
    Civetta – Cima dei Toni (first ski descent)
    Pelmo e Civetta (solo ski concatenation in a day)
    Mulaz – Canalone Ovest (ski descent)

  • Dolomites on rock

    Climbing of hundreds of classic and modern routes, including:
    Marmolada – Tempi Moderni route (with client), Attraverso il Pesce route (up to the ledge), Specchio di Sara, Viva Gorbi, Vinatzer-Messner
    Civetta – W Mexico Cabrones (VIII- onsight), Tuyaux de Poêle (7a onsight), Chimera Verticale, Via dei Polacchi, Philipp-Flamm, Aste
    Mesules – Alfa e Omega (XI- onsight)
    Torre di Valgrande – Carlesso-Menti (VIII- onsight)
    Tofana – Compagni di Merende (7b onsight), Ey de Net, Paolo VI, Costantini-Apollonio, Goodbye 1999
    Lastoni di Formin – Zoe (7b onsight)
    Torre Venezia – Da Pozzo-Pancera (winter ascent), Rondò Veneziano
    Bosconero – KCF, Dorotei Masucci, Strobel, Navasa, Scoiattoli route
    Tre Cime – Hasse-Brandler, Cassin, Comici, Spigolo Giallo (with client)
    Agner - Nord edge
    San Lucano - Casarotto dihedral
    Sass Maor - Scalet-Biasin
    Torre Trieste - Carlesso, Cassin, Tissi
    Cima Scotoni - Skotonata galattica, Ivano Dibona, Lacedelli 
    Torre d'Alleghe - Bellenzier
    Cime d'Auta - Spirit, Ronchi
    Mulaz – Gigi la Trottola (new route, first pitches)

  • Alps

    Monte Bianco – Peuterey integral ridge, Pilone Centrale, Brenva, Tricot integral ridge, Innominata ridge, italian normal route (by bicycle from Padua)
    Cervino – North face
    Tacul – Supercouloir (onsight), Gervasutti (in a day)
    Tour Ronde – North face (ski descent)
    Col du Diable – Couloir Macho (ski descent)
    Nadelhorn – parete N (ski descent)
    "13 peaks" crossing (winter ascent)

  • International

    2012 – Lofoten (Norway)
    2014 – Verdon (France)
    2016 – Patagonia: Frey, Piedra Parada, Cerro Colorado, El Chalten (Fitz Roy, Poincenot, Guillaumet)
    2017 – Picos de Europa, Mallos de Riglos, Ordesa, Montserrat (Spain)
    2018 – Taghia (Morocco)
    2019 – Georgia ski trip (Mt. Kazbek 5054mt)
    2019 – USA: Yosemite (El Capitan 2 times, Half Dome, Mt. Watkins), Zion NP (Moonlight Buttress), Moab
    2019 – Nepal: Inku e Hongu Valley (new route on a peaks of 6113m, new ice fall opened)
    2020 – Patagonia: Cerro Piergiorgio "Scrumble de Manzana" (new route), Aguja Saint Exupery, Mermorz, Guillaumet (solo ascent) 

  • Photo Contests

    Arco Rock Star 2017: Winner for PRO category
    King of Dolomites 2018: Winner for OPEN category
    Arco Rock Star 2018: 2nd place for PRO category
    King of Dolomites 2019: Winner PRO - Landscape category

  • Mountain therapy

    Equilibero: https://www.equilibero.org/chi-siamo/ 
    Dolomiti Open: https://www.dolomiti-open.org/ 
    Sportfund Onlus: http://www.sportfund.it/home/