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Lorenzo D'Addario

Mountain Guide since 2014

I climb to feel in harmony with myself, because I live the moment,
because this is an ethical and aesthetic form for which I can realize myself, because
I seek total freedom of body and mind and why I like it.
(P. Bérhault)

For me, the mountain is an inner journey, it is knowledge, it is well-being, it is companionship and solitude, it is joy and solitude, it is joy and effort, it is teaching, it is nature, it is respect for the world and for those who live there... the mountain is my being inside this life.

  • Climbing

    Over 1200 climbs across the Alps.
    On Marmolada "Via attraverso il Pesce", "Invisibilis", "Specchio di Sara", On Civetta "5 di Valmadrera", on Rocchetta Alta di Bosconero "Forrest Gump" 1°Rep, on Monte Bianco "Voyage" at Capucin, Pilone Centrale del Freney. And many others.

    New routes opened at Torre Venezia in Civetta, on Monte Cimo and at Castel Presina in Val d'Adige.

  • Ice climbing

    Over 300 ascents across the Alps.
    Including the North of Matterhorn, Eiger, Grand Jorasses, Dru, Droites, Verte, Adamello.

  • Expeditions in Yosemite, Marocco, Giordania and Norvegia

    In Yosemite "The Nose" and "Salatè" on the Capitan, "Regular" on the Half Dome. On the Tadrarate in Marocco "Rouge Berbere". 

  • Ski mountaineering

    Over 200 tours including the Houtes Routes: Monte Rosa, Oberland, Gran Paradiso, Chamonix-Zermatt, Imperial Crown, Adamello.