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XMOUNTAINRock climbing routes in the Dolomites

Dolomites dimension VI

Sixth grade in the Dolomites

Steger al Catenaccio
Arrampicare in Marmolada
Messner Grande Muro Sass dla Crusc

Ascensions and sixth grade routes

Level: Avanzato

Participants: 1 - 2

Period: June/September

Days: 2 or 3 days


Cost: from € 190,00

1from € 380,00
2from € 190,00
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General information

VI grade still remains highly symbolic given that for years it marked the maximum limit ever reached - at least up until the mid 1900’s. Climbers who ventured along VI sections were the best around- from Comici to Cassin, Vinatzer, Tissi and many others, these were the Greats that marked an era.

Climbers still dream of sending these routes even today and they remain landmark achievements!

General Program


Sella Tower 1 (I Torre, Sella) – Rossi Route VI. Excellent introduction to VI grade. Climbing on an open wall, short approach and return (cemented anchors-you can’t go wrong!) 

Ciavazes – Abram Spur V+/A0 (VII). One of the walls’ classic routes and among the most famous in the Fassa Dolomites . 

Ciavazes – Micheluzzi Route VI. Route on perfect rock with a famous 90 metre traverse.  

Ciavazes – Schubert Route VI. Fun and varied hard route on excellent rock. 

Roda si Vael, Catinaccio – Eisenstecken Route VI with a VII pitch. The most accessible route on the Red Face of Roda di Vael. Starts off with dihedrals, continues with an overhang furnished with good holds and finishes off with fun slab pitches.   

Sella Tower II (II Torre, Sella) – Messner Route VI. A masterpiece on stratospheric rock . Intuitively difficult but for the times an absolutely visionary route! (If you get it wrong by a couple of metres, it’s an altogether different story: But if you hit the right line you’ll pass quickly along the route!) 

Sella Tower IV (IV Torre, Sella) – Moroder Route VI/A0 (VI+). Stunning route with a hard  VI+ section on spectacular yellow rock . Mesules and Biaces, Brunsin Route on the Mesules, (if you can complete it, you’ll know what sending a grade 6 is all about !) Complex descent

The Small Peak (Cima Piccola) Lavaredo – Yellow Spur VI-/A0 (VI+). Among the most aesthetic routes in all the Dolomites!  

The Smallest Peak (Cima Piccolissima) Lavaredo –Cassin Route VI-/A0 (VII-). This route passes over the overhangs of The Small Peak in a logical fashion by uncovering weak points along the wall. Excellent introduction to the complex routes of the North Faces of Lavaredo. 

Pala delle Masenade, Moiazza – Soldà Route V/A0 (VI+). Beautifully logical route on splendid rock. 

The Venice Tower (Torre Venezia) Civetta –Tissi Route VI/A0 (VI+). Fantastic, long route on excellent rock that cuts through the South West Face of The Venice Tower. 

Great Classics 

Val d’Ambiez, Brenta – Satisfaction (Soddisfazione) V/A0 (VI+). Immensely satisfying route (hence the name!) in terms of the beauty of the rock and the artistry of the climb. 

Mulaz – Grey Pillar VI.  A route on beautiful rock in a solitary setting.

Salame del Sassolungo – Comici Route VI+.  Comici’s most aesthetic route. Fabulous rock. 

Campanil Basso, Brenta – Graffer Spur V+/A0 (VI+). Magnificent exposed route.

Cima Canali, Pale di San Martino – Buhl Route VI. Masterpiece opened by the great alpinist, Hermann Buhl. A long ascent and complicated descent. 

Tofana di Rozes, Tofane – Costantini Appollonio Route VI+. A route renowned for its two roofs and for its section along “the mule’s back”. A completely overhanging  chimney! 

Sass dla Crusc – Messner Route VI/A0 (VII-). Another of Messner’s masterpieces …a logical and superlative climb along dihedrals and cracks with a traverse along the famous blade.  

Scottoni Peak (Cima Scotoni), Tofane – Lacedelli Route VI. Back in the 1950’s this was considered to be one of the hardest routes in all the Alps…. A climb entirely along red and orange rock- and this is just the “normal” route along the wall!  

Great Peak (Cima Grande) Lavaredo – Comici Route VI+/A0. One of the Alps’ great classics. With its impeccable logic, this was the first route to scale the North Face of the Great Peak on Lavaredo.  

West Peak (Cima Ovest) Lavaredo – Cassin Route VI-/A1 (VIII-). The first route to cut through the North Face of the West Peak. After the long traverse, there’s no turning back!.. 

South Face of Marmolada (Parete Sud della Marmolada) – Vinatzer Messner VI/A0 (VI+). The most magnificent sequence on Marmolada, combining Vinatzer’s masterpiece from the 1930’s with Messner’s immediately after. There’s not much you can add to that!… 

South Face of Marmolada (Parete Sud della Marmolada) – Don Quixote Route VI/A0 (VI+).  An amazing slab route with an approach route along the limestone of Marmolada. 

Trieste Tower (Torre Trieste) Civetta – Cassin Route VI/A0 (VII+). Another of Cassin’s masterpieces - the first route to manage to summit the South Face of the Trieste Tower. A really hard route if free-climbed. 

Trieste Tower (Torre Trieste) Civetta - Carlesso Route VI/A0 (VIII-). Carlesso’s work of art,  with a VIII- section that progresses into the heart of the wall. 

Civetta Point (Punta Civetta) – Aste Susatti VI+. Aste’s great route which ascends a perfect dihedral.

Tissi Point (Punta Tissi) Civetta – Philip-Flamm VI+. For years this marked a milestone as the hardest route in the Alps. Even today it still remains a daunting and complex itinerary .  € 1600 

Civetta Peak ( Cima Civetta) – Solleder VI. The first 6th grade in the Alps, this route requires total commitment. Even longer than the Philip-Flamm , it brings you directly onto the summit of Civetta! € 1440 

Information on prices and dates

Discounts will be applied in case of purchase of 2 or more climbs in the Dolomites. For further information please contact the XMountain secretariat on 348 1463700.

The cost does not include: in/out airport transfers, tansfers or excursions on trains, lifts, buses, taxis, extra charges due to changes in itinerary, insurances, trip cancellation coverage, aything not mentioned in cost include.